Michelle Armstrong is a gifted evidential medium and intuitive who passes on messages from the spiritual realms that empower people to heal and navigate more powerfully through their lives.

Born with a heightened intuition and empathy, Michelle's intuitive and mediumistic abilities developed naturally over the course of her life.  At age 21 Michelle had her first significant spiritual encounter.  Michelle woke in the night to see her grandmother standing at the foot of her bed.  But it wasn't until several years later after the birth of her son that Michelle experienced her most significant spiritual awakening and began regularly channeling the souls of the departed.

To better understand and develop her gifts Michelle attended the prestigious Arthur Findlay School of Intuitive Sciences in England and trained with world-renowned Medium James Van Praagh. Michelle believes in lovingly sharing her mediumship with as many people as she can and is passionate about empowering others to awaken their own spiritual gifts and abilities.  

In addition to being a Medium, Michelle is a published writer and bestselling author.  She holds qualifications in counseling and communications, health and fitness, neurolinguistics, metaphysics, psychology, bioenergetics, and energy healing.

Before launching her Mediumship business, Michelle was a professional health and fitness coach and motivational speaker who spoke to thousands about the power of our thoughts and beliefs.  

In 2019 Michelle launched SOUL SCHOOL. An online space for people interested in personal and spiritual development.

When Michelle isn't giving readings or teaching within SOUL SCHOOL, she does personal training, teaches Yoga and takes care of her beloved son and animals.