Awaken your Innate Intuitive Abilities so you can Thrive in all areas of Life!

Imagine… no more doubt, fear, anxiety or confusion when making the most important choices and decisions in your life.


  • How to develop your innate intuition and get clarity, insight and guidance for any area of your life be it your health, career, life and soul purpose, relationships, parenting, finances.

  • How to discern between intuition and your imagination.

  • Practices and techniques to strengthen your intuitive muscles.

  • The 4 main ways we receive intuitive messages.

  • Tools to help you understand your intuitive impressions.

  • How to get a clear YES or NO from Spirit.

  • The best ways to meditate for the purpose of developing your intuition.

  • How to ask for guidance when you need it.

  • Body awareness and the powerful relationship between your physical body and intuitive impressions.

  • The relationship between anxiety, depression and intuition.

  • The difference between the varying levels of guidance from Spirit and how to discern between your guides, departed loved ones, angels and the ascended masters.

  • When it is best to act on the intuitive impressions you receive and when you should hold back and wait.

  • What to do when the guidance says one thing but your heart says another.

  • Techniques for tuning out fear, doubt and other people’s unsolicited advice.

  • How to create a sacred space for you to build your intuitive power on a daily basis.

  • How to use Angels cards for guidance.

  • How to recognize and react to intuitive warning signs AND SO MUCH MORE!



Michelle Armstrong is the author of HEALING MESSAGES FOM THE OTHER SIDE, the founder of SOUL SCHOOL, and a compassionate evidential medium and intuitive who has given hundreds of readings worldwide.

In 2019 Michelle was inspired to launch SOUL SCHOOL and create an online space to teach others how to develop their own spiritual gifts and abilities.

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In the unlikely event you are not thrilled after the first week of the Intuitive Soul 8-Week online program and do not want to continue developing your innate intuitive abilities, SOUL SCHOOL will refund your money in full. SOUL SCHOOL wants to make your participation in this life-changing program totally risk-free. Because once you begin this journey your life is going to change in ways you have not yet imagined!

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APPROX. TUITION OUTSIDE UNITED STATES: $1317 (CAD), €876 (EUR), £782 (GBP), $1512 (NZD), $1437 (AUD) 

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