Reclaim Your Power and Thrive in this Intensive and Empowering 7 Day Energy Training for Empaths.


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  • How to Unlock your Divine Essence which is LOVE.

  • How to Ground and Center Your Energy.

  • Discerning What is Your Energy and What Belongs to Other People and/or Spaces.

  • How to Identify and Set Healthy Boundaries with Energy Vampires and Manipulators.

  • Meditations for Releasing Shame, Guilt and Fear.

  • How to Thrive in the World as an Empathic Soul.

  • How to LISTEN to Your Soul’s Voice and Follow it.

  • What Qualities Your Intimate Partner Needs to Possess if your Relationship is to Succeed.

  • Why You Must Follow Your Soul’s Spiritual Calling.

  • How to Energetically Protect Yourself.

  • How to Avoid Getting Drained when around Large Groups of People.

  • Proven Methods for Healing Old Wounds and Trauma.

  • The Importance of Identifying Your Personal Needs and Soul Desires and Setting Daily Intentions.

  • Using Mantras and Meditation to quiet the Ego.

  • How to Process BIG Emotions like Loss, Fear and Grief.

  • Effective Ways to Communicate with Non-Empaths when Your Emotions Become Overwhelming.

  • How to Fulfill Your Soul’s Destiny in this Lifetime.


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Michelle Armstrong is the author of HEALING MESSAGES FOM THE OTHER SIDE, the founder of SOUL SCHOOL, and a compassionate evidential medium and intuitive who has given hundreds of readings worldwide.

In 2019 Michelle was inspired to launch SOUL SCHOOL and create an online space to teach others how to develop their own spiritual gifts and abilities.

To learn more about Michelle visit

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